Meritor Brake Shoes Installation

Each kit contains right side and left side primary and secondary brake shoes, replacement primary springs, replacement bearing grease caps and locking tab washer (disregard locking tab washer if your spindle/hub may uses a flat washer and cotter key). Check or mney order. Carefully pump brake pedal to eliminate brake fluid. 5" x 5" - Core Charges can be refunded with the return of good cores. MERITOR LINED BRAKE SHOE &KIT NUMBER SYSTEM. Diameter x 7. com Meritor brake shoes with PlatinumShield III coating offer an industry-leading full 3-Year/300,000-Mile warranty against rust-jacking. Diameter x 7. A wide variety of brake shoes meritor options are available to you, such as brake shoe, brake drum. Review (mpn: 60050314 for sale) 60050314 Meritor Truck Ford F650 F750 Hydraulic Brake Pad Set International 4400 Mkd769 Bendix. One question referring to the brake shoes. About 11% of these are other auto brake system, 9% are auto brake assembly, and 1% are auto brake discs. Meritor w High Volume Shoe w 7 " 4515Q C O R E G U 2Q P 32 16½" Drive & Trailer Axles D Very similar to 4707Q - rivets are closer to the rails. The wheel hub and brake assembly components should be thoroughly wetted to suppress dust before the brake shoes or brake pads are removed. Includes drum brake adjuster, brake spring pliers, universal brake shoe tool, gauges and bit sockets. International shipping for actual usps charges. MERITOR Q PLUS™ BRAKE Meritor RSD brakes are designed to meet the FMVSS 121 August 2011 and August 2013 stopping distance requirements for new vehicles. S-Cam Air Brakes Operation Trailer air brakes are operated by the tractor air supply through a series of relay and check valves. ideAs driVinG resuLts. com, speak with your. Never use a standard Q brake camshaft with Q Plus brake shoes. Safety directs their innovation into every braking product they make, from drum and air disc brakes, to hubs and drums; and automatic slack adjusters to hydraulic brakes and friction products. NEW LINED BRAKE SHOE AND KIT PART NUMBERS. Brake Adjustment is attained by adjustment of the Slack Ajuster by means of turning the adjusting bolt. Lubricate anchor pins, brake rollers, camshaft splines and bushing area of camshafts. Home / Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Parts / Brake Parts / Air Brake Parts / ABS/ATC Parts / Meritor WABCO R955321 ABS Valve & ECU Kit, Includes 4005001030 Valve, ECU, and Cable, Diagnostic. Lining Inspection Hole 2. SKU: US32-K3922-4709-MERITOR Bumper Installation Guide; Are You a Supplier? Call Today. 625" brake shoes. Meritor to Competitor parts Cross reference 142-159. A new proprietary manufacturing process ( Hot Staked-Pat. • Following this procedure also assures that your customer will have excellent brake performance from the first time he or she drives the car after brake. 1245C 15" x 3" Wagner Hydraulic C1245C 7 1252 15" x 5" Wagner Hydraulic C1252 7 1254 16" x 5" Wagner Hydraulic C1254 8 1255 16" x 6" Wagner. Standard 4515 Rivet Hole Pattern 4515 CD Drilling Eaton ES All-Makes Pattern SS PART # CORE # SIZE FMSI WEB # TABLE # H. For non-Meritor brake adjusters, refer to. We stock a huge range of Truck & Trailer brake parts - Brake shoes, Pads, Drums, Brake Shoe Repair Kits, Return Springs, Rollers, Pins, Camshafts etc. part: 60050314 prices Specifications 60050314:. Bendix ® air disc brakes offer safety, performance, and productivity – plus driver peace. markets with the finest quality remanufactured brake shoes available! Our Company Gorilla Brake is the largest independent brake shoe remanufacturer in North America. The axles are same for Disc or drum no difference Meritor 14X drives just order with the brake system you want. The wheel hub and brake assembly components should be thoroughly wetted to suppress dust before the brake shoes or brake pads are removed. Kit Brake Drum 3922/ Brake Shoe 4709 Meritor. Call 1-800-888-7326. Haldex Remanufactured HD Brake Shoe Kit - 16-1/2" x 7" - Standard Meritor Q design. Comes with Hardware. See new video, easier, better. You can rely on the ThermoQuiet Brake Shoes by Wagner for the safest, quietest, and. Home / Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Parts / Brake Parts / Air Brake Parts / ABS/ATC Parts / Meritor WABCO R955321 ABS Valve & ECU Kit, Includes 4005001030 Valve, ECU, and Cable, Diagnostic. 1996 Ford F700. WEB ALIGNMENT GAUGE Checks straightness of shoe web (exception Eaton shoes). The set includes two offset box end wrenches and one 8mm x 10mm box end wrench with 90 degree bend for easy access to most bleeder fittings. Air - 12 1/4 in. A relay valve is an air-operated valve typically used in air brake systems to remotely control the brakes at the rear of a heavy truck or semi-trailer in a then the slack adjuster which twists to turn the brake camshaft. Air - 12 1/4 in. Check out 28 Peterbilt Brakes & Brake Parts for sale. offers a much wider assortment of these parts from Euclid, please call for more information. 4710 Meritor shoe only fi ts on a Meritor axle. The cam is located in front of the axle, and I realize the primary shoe should go in the bottom position (first shoe past the cam in direction of wheel rotation). Bendix Spicer Foundation Brakes LLC • 901 Cleveland Street • Elyria, OH 44035 • 1-866-610-9709 • www. To find information on a MGM Brakes' part number, enter a competitor part number, MGM OEM part number or a company's part number. Labour costs can only be claimed at an agreed rate with Meritor Service Department prior to work commencing. 4702QP Reman Meritor Brake Shoe Kit $39. Unbeatable prices available online. ¾ Remove parking brake spring chamber ¾ Remove bridge pipe from backing plate. Video Transcript for Dexter Axle Trailer Brakes BP22-015 Review. Since the bearings are adjusted through the spindle nuts, improper nut installation can contribute to seal leaks. and caliper. Uneven braking can occur that will create a dangerous situation. Install the spacers and slack adjuster in the reverse order that. ) Install winterfront Fan override switch Extended life oil pan and Y cord for oil pan heater Under hood sound abatement Grille ember screen Hourmeter for PTO to go with option #10. I brought an entire kit from Ecklers that provided all new springs but it is almost like the hook part of the spring is turned the wrong way and will not grab when I stretch the spring to anchor. For detailed information, see instruction sheet included with each tool. 5" x 5" , 6" , 7" , 8. TABLE OF CONTENTS Brake Drum Section Do not attempt to install or repair hubs, wheels, brake drums or rotors unless you have read and understand the instructions. Drum brakes have been in use since the creation of automobiles and can still be found on the rear axles of some trucks and small cars due to their simple design and incredible durability. If you are getting a brake service, and if the brake shoes are still good, just have them cleaned and adjusted. 4725 ; Ф16 1/2x6" eaton 819708 ; 4726. When The Brake Pedal Is. Move the bottom brake shoe to the outboard side of the brake spider (Figure 3. With SimpleCheck, Drivers Can Check Them And Prevent Them. Just one look, and. Order today! MOVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD One Sure Source Meritor 20K LBS Standard Lining $44. 5060 Bakers Ferry Road SW Atlanta, Georgia 30336 404. STEMCO Brake Products Catalog 2015